TigButton patent pending 7 inch



Weld Without Lifting a Finger!


Home of the TigButton  brand finger operated, pressure sensing, amperage control for GTAW (TIG) process welding.


Best hand torch control for TIG welding!

Easiest to use!

A light touch of a finger or thumb is all it takes!

Simple and Reliable!

No moving Parts!

Must Have for out of position TIG welding!

Far more than just a ” tig button “!

Effortless tig hand control!

Free yourself from the foot pedal and its annoying cable!


Control welder output with NO foot pedal!

With the TigButton™ – More Pressure = More Heat     Less Pressure = Less Heat!

On a ladder? Under a vehicle? In a tight space? Make the job easier with TigButton™.

Old school hand controls are a pain in the butt. Trying to move a slider or dial while holding a TIG torch with the same hand is not natural. TigButton™ brand  TIG amperage control fixes that!

We are welders who recognized a need for a better control. We were inspired to create the most user friendly hand control ever built for TIG welding. Not having to move a finger or thumb to change welder current output level, lets you focus on making the best weld.

Using TigButton, the finger or thumb on the TigButton still assists in holding/supporting the torch.

The TigButton can be easily moved to any location on the torch handle as needed for a comfortable grip.


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TigButton™ is a trademark of Arc Controls LLC 2015 – patent pending