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What is the TigButton™ Brand TIG amperage control?

The TigButton amperage control is a pressure sensing, finger operated current control for use with TIG welding machines. Normally mounted on the handle portion of a TIG welding torch, this small pressure sensitive button replaces the traditional foot pedal.


Will the TigButton work with all TIG welders?

Due to the nature of the control and the widely varying nature of TIG welders old and new, the TigButton is available for most makes and models of TIG welding machine.
Most of the newer machines by Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Thermal Arc are supported. We also support HTP, Everlast, CK Worldwide, AHP and Razorweld brand machines. (not all specific models from the brands may be included). Our TIG welder list, provides specific model numbers of the machines that we are compatible with.


I don’t see my welder model on the list, Can I get a TigButton to fit it?

Possibly. We are adding more machines to the “supported machines” list. Additionally, you might have a machine that we are not aware of. Please contact us if you don’t see your machine listed.


How does the TigButton amperage control work? See the “how it works” section for a detailed explanation.

TigButton senses pressure by the welder’s finger or thumb, sending a signal along a thin cable to the TigButton control box. Mounted near the remote port of your machine the control box converts this input signal into an electrical command to your welding machine.


Is the TigButton amperage control just an ‘on and off’ button, or is it a variable variable amperage control?

The TigButton amperage control is fully variable! Pressing the button lightly turns the welder output on at low current. Increasing pressure ramps the current up smoothly. The pressure range of the TigButton is light so that extended operation is possible with no finger fatigue, but smooth amperage control is easy and intuitive.


How can I order a TigButton™ brand amperage control?

Order a TigButton  set from our order page.  


Can I keep my pedal and use the TigButton?

Just one control can be connected to the welder at a time. The TigButton can be left connected to the torch and all cables in place, even when not in use. To swap to the foot pedal, disconnect the remote connector for one control and connect the other  control.


Is installation of the TigButton amperage control system difficult?

It is very simple. Our one page installation guide has details to set your machine up in a few minutes.


If I damage a cable or the button itself, are replacement parts available from you?

Replacement parts are available for order from our website.


Are different cable lengths available for long torch sets?

Normally, the cable included with the TigButton amperage control will be 27 feet, however if an extra long cable is needed, the cables can be coupled together to meet any needs. For certain applications, a short cable might be desired. Contact us and we can supply custom short cables as needed.


I would like to mount the TigButton to a special torch handle, Can I do that?

Sure! There are many types of TIG torches available and the mounting that we provide may not be best for your application. If desired, the button and circuit board can be separated from the clip and fixed to the torch in some other fashion.


Can I order a separate connector cable to use my TigButton torch control with another brand or model of welder?

Perhaps. Right now, the Miller Brand welders are supported by one version of the control box and other brands use another. It may well be possible to use the “Miller control box” with various other Miller welders, even if they take a different connector cable. Also the “other” control box will work with several makes and models of TIG welding machine. Contact us with your desired usage information and we can provide details on what should work for you.


I don’t have a 110 volt outlet easily available to plug in accessories. Is there some alternative to power the control box?

Currently, the 110 volt wall power adapter is the only supply we use with the TigButton control box. We also have  a battery power supply, useful for times when that would be convenient. This option can be handy for “field welders” when extra cords are a pain.


Is the TigButton amperage control U.L. listed?

Your TigButton amperage control is a low voltage – low power device. The 110 volt wall power adapter which is shipped with the control is U.L. listed. (full details are provided here.)


If I have a problem with my TigButton, how long does it take to get service?

In the event that a person has trouble with the TigButton, we will make every attempt to deal with that ASAP. Contact us via email, if we cannot work out a solution via email or phone, we will arrange to ship a replacement unit quickly.


What if I buy a TigButton Control and its not right for my application?

Most people that get a TigButton brand control will be quite satisfied with it. Occasionally, it may be unsuitable for some reason or another. Within a period of 60 days of purchase, just return all components to us in good condition, and we will refund purchase price. (If purchased on Ebay, the return policy is 30 days. This is due to Ebay/PayPal policies)


If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please let us know and we will get you that answer.

TigButton is a trademark of Arc Controls LLC 2015 – patent pending