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How the TigButton Brand TIG welder amperage control works.

The TigButton™ Brand TIG torch amperage control consists of several parts which are connected together to make a control system.

The basics:

A TigButton sensor is mounted to the TIG torch handle. This button is sensitive to varying pressures upon it. This button is connected by a thin flexible cable to a small control box which is normally located near the faceplate of the welder. The control box is about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

This control box receives the control input from the TigButton and produces a signal which is carried by a short cable to the “remote control” or “foot pedal” input on the welder. An AC adapter is provided to supply the small amount of power which the control box requires to do its job.  In a nutshell, that is it. Very simple in concept and in operation.

The Details:

The key component is a pressure sensing button which is mounted to the TIG torch handle. Shown below, is the TigButton sensor mounted to a stainless steel attachment clip with the hook and loop (velcro type) straps in place. Visible is the connector cable and the screw connector at the end.


The picture below shows a TigButton mounted to a TIG torch handle. It is secured to the torch handle by velcro straps and can be easily positioned exactly as needed for easiest operation. This is a very simple part with a thin control cable that connects the button with the TigButton control box.

TB in hand

The actual sensor button is fastened to a metal clip visible in the picture, which holds the button to the TIG torch handle. The control cable is visible in the photo as well. The control cable in the picture is about 18 inches long with a connector on the far end. This short cable connects to an extension cable which is not shown in the picture. The connector and the extension cable is normally inside the sheath protector which most TIG welders use to protect the various hoses and leads.

Shown below, the control box of the TigButton torch control is a small box which is normally located in the vicinity of the welder control panel.


This control box is the brains of the system. It takes the input from the TigButton and converts it into a control signal which is usable by the welding machine for amperage remote control.

The control box can be mounted by means of screws to the welder case or a bracket of some sort. We also supply an adhesive backed hook and loop (Velcro type) fastener system which can be used to secure the TigButton to a welder side panel or such, without the need to drill any holes. This also allows the control box to be easily removed and replaced as desired.

Various welding machine brands and models require certain differences in the control signal that they use. To allow for that, our control boxes are matched to various applications. The specific control box depends on brand and model of the welding machine to be controlled.


There are three different input jacks located on the face of the control box. In the photo above, the jack on the right side is the power input jack. A U.L. listed “plug in” type power supply is provided with the TigButton amperage control. A cord from this AC adapter connects to the 12vdc input power jack on the control box.

Shown on the left, the round brass connector is where the button assembly connector cord plugs into the control box. This is a screw in type connector to provide a very secure connection between the TigButton and the control box. This cable is easily replaceable in case of damage.


A short cable, most likely one of the four cable shown in the picture above, is supplied with the TigButton control. It plugs into the white five pin connector on the face of the control box. This cable has whichever proprietary connector is required to interface with the remote control input jack on the welding machine that you have.

Connect this plug to your welder just as you would connect the foot pedal or other control.

These are all of the components included with the TigButton TIG amperage control.

Click here, for a step by step installation guide.


TigButton™ is a trademark of Arc Controls LLC 2015 – patent pending