TigButton patent pending 7 inch

Testing with unlisted / yet untested machines:

There are some various brands and models of TIG welders which we believe we can control with no problem, but which we have not had an opportunity to do operational testing with. Below, is a listing of brands and models which fall into that category. If you would like to have the opportunity to try out a TigButton™ brand amperage control with your machine, we would like to work with you to make that happen!

If you live in the Denver or front range area of Colorado:

If you are using a relatively late model machine, particularly from Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Thermal Arc or ESAB, we would welcome the opportunity to confirm that our TigButton control works with your model of welder and also to allow you the opportunity to take one “for a test drive”. We would visit your shop at your convenience and our Chief Engineer would perform some simple tests. We would then, most likely be able to install a TigButton on your machine for you to use in your own shop for a period of time. If you decided that you like it, we would then sell it to you at a $100 discount from retail price, for allowing us to take a bit of your time in testing of that model machine. At the same time, we would welcome any feedback input from you on the TigButton™ brand TIG torch amperage control.

If you aren’t near the front range of Colorado and have one of the machines on our list, we still might be able to work with you to make this happen. Certain makes and models of machines, we have high expectation of compatibility with. If you have one of those machines, we would like to discuss the details further. Even without visiting your location, it may be possible to work something out.

Machines that we would like to do confirmation testing with include those listed below:

Lincoln Electric brand:

Lincoln Squarewave TIG 255
Lincoln Squarewave TIG 275
Lincoln Squarewave TIG 300
Lincoln Squarewave TIG 350
Lincoln Squarewave TIG 355
Lincoln Invertec v160s
Lincoln Invertec v160t
Lincoln Invertec v200t
Lincoln Invertec v250t
Lincoln Invertec v275s
Lincoln Invertec v300 pro
Lincoln Invertec v350 pro

Thermal Arc brand:

Thermal Arc 161S
Thermal Arc 186
ArcMaster 200
ArcMaster 300

ESAB brand TIG welders of the inverter type, relatively late manufacture of any model.


Finally, certain models of welding machines are NOT compatible at this time, with the TigButton control system. Those models are found listed below. If we get enough requests for them, then we will add compatible control systems for those particular models of welders.

Thermal Arc brand, model 201TS


TigButton™ is a trademark of Arc Controls LLC 2015 – patent pending