TigButton patent pending 7 inch

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Part number    RTB   Replacement sensor button with clip and hook and loop straps.


Price     15.95 each


Part number     REC9   29 foot (9 meter) Extension cable


Price     10.95 each


Part number     REC3    9 foot (3 meter) Extension cable

Similar in appearance to the cable above, just shorter.

Price     8.95 each


Part number     RPS     Power Supply (AC power adapter)

AC adapter - 8 inch

Price    11.95 each


The replacement cables are configured for the various models of welders.

They will be one of the cables shown. The difference is the welder connection plug.

C9 - 8 inch


Part number     RCM14     Miller 14 pin cable

Price    29.95 each


Part number     RCM6     Miller 6 pin cable

Price    29.95 each


Part number     RCL6     Lincoln 6 pin cable

Price    29.95 each


Part number     RCT8     ThermalArc 8 pin cable

Price    29.95 each


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TigButton™ is a trademark of Arc Controls LLC 2015 – patent pending