Which TigButton™ brand Amperage control set do I need for my welder?

Specific brands and models of TIG welding machines have particular operating requirements to properly interface with a remote control input. Due to these requirements, we currently support a limited selection of models from various manufacturers. Below is a listing of various models of TIG welders sorted by manufacturer name and welder model number.

If your welder model is listed below, then it is compatible with a TigButton amperage control. Most of the welders listed are of the newer inverter type machines.

Miller brand welders:

Depending on the model, Miller welders require one of 3 different connector cables.

Machines using the 14 pin cable connector (the connector has 14 pin locations, but only 5 of those are actually used in this application)

Dynasty 200
Dynasty 280
Dynasty 300
Dynasty 350
Dynasty 700
Maxstar 200 SD
Maxstar 200 DX
Maxstar 200 LX
Maxstar 280
Maxstar 350
Maxstar 700
Syncrowave 180 SD
Syncrowave 210
Syncrowave 250
Syncrowave 350

Machines using the 6 pin cable connector  (the connector has 6 pin locations, but only 5 of those are actually used in this application)

Maxstar 150 STL
Maxstar 150 STH


Lincoln Electric brand welders:   These machines use a 6 pin cable connector.

Lincoln Squarewave TIG 175
Lincoln Squarewave TIG 175 Pro


Thermal Arc brand welders:   These machines use an 8 pin connector of which 7 pins are used.

Thermal Arc 185
Thermal Arc 185 TSW
Thermal Arc 200 GTS

If you do not see your model of welder listed above and you would like to try a TigButton with it, please visit our “Testing With New Machines” page for more information on recently added and upcoming brands and models of machines.